4 Lessons I Learned at the Northeast Regional CrossFit Affiliate Owner Summit, Spring 2023

Coach Angie and I attended the Northeast Regional CrossFit Affiliate Owners Summit yesterday at CrossFit Glen Burnie. I always leave those events inspired by the greater CF community, while also feeling somehow more deeply connected to our own Heirloom mission and vision.  

I am so grateful to be an affiliate owner in this era, where there is obvious, tangible energy and resources being put toward supporting the affiliate community. Thank you to everyone involved with putting the event together, the No Bull CrossFit sweatshirts were an unexpected delight. Thank you!

After enjoying a wonderful spread of coffee, fruits and nuts, the day officially started with a CrossFit rep shaming all of us that “only” have an L1 and have been coaching for more than 6 months.  By shaming, I mean having us stand among the group of 150+ CrossFit affiliate owners, managers and coaches, and saying “do better”. 

I leaned over to Angie and whispered, “don’t let them bully you about the L1.”  

And then every presenter for the rest of the day proceeded to recognize that the substance of content in the L1, the Kernel of the CF methodology, is more than anyone needs to be a good coach. And that coaching experience is the key to improvement.

One of my all time favorites and ultimate original gansta of the CrossFit revolution, gave the opening State of CrossFit address and reminded us all that Crossfit revolutionized the fitness industry. I mean, we all have committed part, if not all of our lives to CF, so we knew that. But hearing it out loud was powerful.

Lesson #1: Don’t be afraid to say the thing out loud

At some point during the Q&A I whispered barely out loud, leaning toward Angie, “do I dare to speak?”, Angie whispered back “do it!”, and I found myself standing and saying that I am consistently asking myself, “Do we even CrossFit?”, because I want to uphold the integrity of the brand while also being entirely focused on allowing our community to make their Heirloom Athletics experience exactly what they need for their own pursuit of their personal ideal life vision. 

I gave examples from BarnFit, like not only allowing, but encouraging dancing as a legitimate cardio option and not requiring people to use a barbell for any workout.  I know I wasn’t entirely clear and didn’t want to speak so much to go into more detail, and I think more context would have been useful.

But the result honestly, was not an entirely favorable response.  The final answer, directed at me, after a little bit of back-and-forth among others who chimed in was something like, “It’s great that your demographic seems to love it, but it sounds like a coaching issue to me.”  I said thank you, sat down, and felt more confident than ever that I am capable of being misunderstood until more of the CF community sees what we see. 

I agree that it’s a coaching issue, for every gym who doesn’t have coaches with the capacity to see and meet people where they are on any given day. 

It is a coaching issue if they believe that every single person needs to learn a squat snatch over needing to know that they will be allowed to show up and make their own decisions (with our educated guidance) about what the right workout movements are for them.  

It is a coaching issue that the majority of CrossFit coaches do not take it upon themselves to ensure that every person who walks through the gym’s door is greeted with their name, is addressed in class with individual recommendations for them and not just generic scaling options provided with a program they purchased.

It is a coaching issue if, after every class we coach we don’t do our best to not let people slip out the door without an individual good bye and thank you for coming.

And it got me thinking, why don’t we have those issues? And Angie’s answer was because it has been reinforced as important by me in team meetings and modeled by me in real time.

I repeatedly said the things out loud.

Lesson #2: All coaching issues are the affiliate owners responsibility

After our team workout and delicious lunch, we learned during our individual breakout sessions that multiple participants in both mine and Angie’s groups identified their hardest struggles as:

  1. Lack of consistency among their coaching staff. (A coaching issue, please refer to Lesson #2 fore more detail.)
  2. Owners not feeling confident to be away from their gyms. (A coaching issue, see Lesson #2 about coaching issues.)

My response was to send a thank you email to everyone involved with Heirloom in any administrative and coaching capacity, to thank them. Because those 2 concerns are nowhere on my list of struggles.  I committed to giving them all the support needed to ensure that our standards continue to be met as I look to build our team of coaches. And I emphasized my desire to ensure that their participation in the Heirloom community continues to be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor for them.

I understand that everything that happens within my affiliate is my sole responsibility. My challenge is not to do all of the things perfectly. The real test is how well I can empower our team of extraordinary ambassadors to see value in living up to my expectations.

Lesson #3: Language always matters

At Heirloom Athletics, we are leaning deeply into a very person centered approach to group fitness. We do not program prescribed weights. We refer to our barbells by the color of tape we have put on the collars (white = 15#, blue = 35# and black = 45#). We have Everyone bathrooms, and are currently secretly planning Dorchester County’s 1st Ever PRIDE parade on June 10th at 10.30am.

One HQ rep declared that arguing over language is a waste of energy on CrossFit’s journey to right the ship. Then another explained how their affiliate uses names and pronouns with introductions.

Why would normalizing pronoun discussions be important if language didn’t matter?

Why was it wrong what Greg Glassman tweeted in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd, if language didn’t matter?

Ask a trauma survivor if they want to be considered a trauma victim?

Ask manicurist Alice, from Cambodia, living in small town America and currently studying English, if it’s important that she understand the subtle difference between “I did that” and “I will do that”.

Language is an indicator of education and if you lack the ability to communicate with clarity, you will inevitably one day learn how important language really is.

Lesson #4: We are definitely CrossFit

The answer I am now giving myself is the same one I gave my husband when he told me he was worried about being lazy with all of his new found free time, after leaving his career of 30 years.

The fact that you are worried about it is indicator enough that you will not be endlessly lazy. Will he need to learn a new definition of lazy? Maybe. Will he feel challenged in new and different ways, that he may not understand? I think so. But we don’t always need to understand to accept.

My current take on the State of CrossFit is that they are going to crush it and continue to work tirelessly to invite as many people into the community and empower people to save their own lives through fitness, accountability and nutrition coaching. And that even though they might not currently understand what that means and how to precisely articulate that, I don’t need to completely understand it to accept it.

Angie and I enjoyed a lot of thoughtful discussion about the day on our ride home. I asked her if faith was an appropriate business strategy? And she talked about always being open to the next opportunity in front of her.

That’s how I know for sure that we are CrossFit. Because I don’t completely understand their strategy for significant growth over the next decade. But I also don’t completely understand my strategy for the sustainable success of Heirloom. So we’re just gonna stay guided by faith in our ability and stay open to meeting the next opportunity to serve our community with the sole purpose of empowering individuals to save their own lives. And in my opinion, that is CrossFit, and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it.

If you want to learn more about Heirloom Athletics please peruse around the website and don’t hesitate to email: info@heirloomathletics.com or text: 443.205.3385. Those both come directly to me.

See you in class,

5 Responses

  1. My comment is directed to Lesson #1 above – which experience does CF HQ want their members to have: Experience 1 – an overweight 65 yr old woman who feels loved and supported each and every time she goes to her class and consequently is making strides in her overall wellbeing and proceeds to tell everyone she knows about her gym and how great it is, or Experience 2 – this same woman’s daughter goes to a CF gym in her city, and never feels that she can measure up to what is expected of her, she quits and will never set foot in a CF gym again. Karah, I think you have the right take on this one. Keep doing what you are dong because it works.

  2. Karah you are an example of a True Leader!!!! True Leaders seek to hear others in an effort to understand where they are coming from (meet them where they are); Lead by example; Motivate and inspire. Keep the good work!

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Melissa Dross

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

I am originally from Pennsylvania and growing up I was a very competitive volleyball and track throwing athlete. When I went to Penn State I played for their club volleyball team, but once I injured my achilles, I was out for the season. I found CrossFit randomly when a friend suggested to try it out. After nervously signing up and completing my first class, I remember thinking to myself “this is awesome.” And from there, the barbell clanging, burpee smashing, box jumping, chalk clapping girl was born. I joined the student-run Penn State CrossFit club my Sophomore – Senior years, and since graduation, I’ve held memberships at a wide variety of CrossFit gyms across Pennsylvania and Maryland, and even in Vermont and New Jersey before landing at Heirloom.

CrossFit is where friendships are made, hardships are shared, spouses are found, character is built, muscles are chiseled, and minds are hardened. If you are looking for a tight knit community of like-minded people, you’ve found it.

Outside of CrossFit, I am a nutrition coach for Heirloom as well. And outside of all things Heirloom, I’m a full time Food Scientist where I work in Research and Development for new products. I also enjoy hiking and camping, time with my family, my dog, and entertaining some DIY home projects.

My certifications include: CrossFit L1, Precision Nutrition, and Healthy Steps Nutrition

As your coach, I enjoy pushing my athletes to reach their fullest potential. I love helping people achieve virtuosity: performing the common uncommonly well.


I am CrossFit-L1 trained. I coach the Heirloom KidFit program, assist with the THRIVE program, and offer personal training to members for strength-building.

Sue Reincke

Nutrition Coach & Admin

Hi there! I’m Sue.

I have an administrative role at Heirloom, helping our DofS Karah with many of the back-end operations of the business. I love it all because it’s completely different from my day job; I’m a massage therapist at the Hyatt.

I started CrossFit in the fall of 2017. I love it because it challenges me way more than I ever could on my own, I don’t have to figure out what to do every day, I love the variety, and I have a great group of people to workout and socialize with. I’ve gotten stronger and fitter than I ever could have on my own. I love CrossFit for the fitness aspect, not the sport. (Ask me to drop some big CrossFit names, and I’ll struggle to name 3. lol)

I am also a Nutrition Coach at Heirloom. I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Science from St Francis University, nd received my nutrition certifications through Healthy Steps Nutrition and Precision Nutrition. I help clients by using a personalized, simple, step-by-step holistic approach to reach their nutrition goals. I will be your biggest cheerleader and accountability partner!

I enjoy playing sports but not watching them. I played volleyball in high school, love tennis, and ride my bike any chance I get. I’ve been on a few relay teams for the Eagleman Triathlon thanks to Cambridge Multi-Sport, friends, and family.

I grew up in the-middle-of-nowhere PA, and have lived here in Cambridge since 1999. We love this area for the water, the laid-back feel, and the people. We have a son Thomas and 2 (sometimes) wonderful rescue labs. We love camping and boating, and do them both as often as we can.

Heirloom is constantly evolving for the better, and I’m so happy to be a part of it!


I am CrossFit-L1 trained. I coach the Heirloom KidFit program, assist with the THRIVE program, and offer personal training to members for strength-building.

Matt Collins

Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer - Self Defense & Martial Arts Specialist

Hi everyone, I’m Matt Collins, and I’m one of Heirloom’s newest coaches. My specialty is self-defense and martial arts; I’ve been an instructor for 25 years, and have been practicing for 42 years. I taught for 15 years at the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy, primarily in advanced and basic SWAT, defensive tactics, and use of force. I created a program accepted by the Maryland Police Training Commission for SWAT physical fitness. I’m co-owner and creator of KIK, Knowledge is Key defense system. I’m also an affiliate instructor of the Personal Defense Readiness, Be Your Own Body Guard, and Know FEAR programs under Blauer Tactical System.

I taught a self-defense class at Heirloom in January 2023, and then became a member. Karah and I then discussed the opportunity of me becoming a coach. Through all the years of owning and teaching at the Cambridge Dojo, my wife Shelley and I always advocated that the dojo was a family first, business second. These same values are evident at Heirloom: the sense of family, giving back to community, and treating each and every member as an individual.

I am CrossFit-L1 trained. I coach the Heirloom KidFit program, assist with the THRIVE program, and offer personal training to members for strength-building.

In my free time, I’m an avid reader and enjoy outdoor adventures with my 3 rescue dogs: Ginger, Jasper, and Ranger. I also enjoy kayaking, and am always interested in continuing education.

I have always taught everyone that that Mind, Body and Spirit must be worked on equally for a balanced experience/life. And that philosophy is something I pass on to our Heirloom members.


I am CrossFit-L1 trained. I coach the Heirloom KidFit program, assist with the THRIVE program, and offer personal training to members for strength-building.

Matt Dross

Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

Greetings! My name is Matt. Sometimes known as the guy with abnormally large calves (they’re more of a hindrance in my opinion) and orange hair.
I am originally from Hockessin, Delaware. I began my fitness journey in the typical way any young man does, doing lots of bicep curls and trying to look like the bodybuilders in the muscle magazines. That quickly led me to finding a passion for weight training and finding a way to help my performance on the baseball diamond as a high school athlete. One day in college, a friend of mine told me he was trying CrossFit. I thought to myself, “What a shame, he is going to lose all his gains.” It wasn’t much longer after that that I decided to try CrossFit and I haven’t looked back since. I received my CrossFit-L1 training in 2016, and began coaching at the Penn State CrossFit club soon after. This is also where I met my beautiful wife, Melissa (one look at my calves and she was in love). I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Meteorology and made my way to Gaithersburg, MD, for a job. In my spare time, I continued to pursue my passion for coaching at CrossFit Hardshells. Once my full-time position became fully remote, this opened the door for Melissa to pursue an opportunity that led us to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and eventually to joining the community at Heirloom. I am honored to be a part of Heirloom and humbled to be able to help others pursue their fitness goals.

In my spare time, I love to eat pizza, play with our Sheepadoodle dog, and struggle my way through endurance events. Melissa and I enjoy camping and spending time outdoors as well.

As a coach at Heirloom, I look forward to helping you and hopefully providing you with a little extra push to move beyond what you thought was possible.


I received my CrossFit-L1 training in 2016, and began coaching at the Penn State CrossFit club soon after.

I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Meteorology and made my way to Gaithersburg, MD, for a job.

Sean Reincke

Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer - Running Specialist

Hello everyone, I’m Sean.

I am not sure what you do or do not know about me, so here’s the cliff note version.

I’m originally from Lancaster, PA. My wife, Sue, and I moved to Cambridge in the summer of 1999. We were going to stay for one year in hopes of getting jobs back in Lancaster by the next school year. Obviously, those plans changed, and we couldn’t be happier. We have a son, Thomas, who is a sophomore at North Dorchester High School, and two dogs (both lab resuces), Beauford and Ellie. All three of them cause us stress at times, but they also fill our lives with joy and love.

As far as fitness goes, I started running when I was 8 years old, and I completed a 5 mile road race. I’ve been running ever since. Being an avid runner led me to coaching the cross country team at CSD, which I have done for the past 20 years. In my 36 years of running, I have raced every distance up to, and including, the marathon; I was lucky enough to complete both the Boston and New York Marathons, among others. A few years after moving to Cambridge, I also got into triathlons. I have completed the Eagleman both individually and on relay teams multiple times (one relay team included Karah. Our team name was Cold Noodles. It’s a funny story we love to tell, just ask us). I have also completed Ironman Lake Placid (2003, 2005) and Ironman Montreblant (2013). I ended up in the medic tent for 2 of them, much to the chagrin of my wife, but not until after I crossed the finish line, so they count.

I joined CrossFit in the fall of 2016. I had lost my interest in training for triathlons and had wanted to join a CrossFit gym for some time, but the drive to Easton was just not realistic. Since joining, I have been a regular at the 5:30am class. There’s something about doing a WOD before the day even begins that I love. It is the leadership and vision of Heirloom Athletics (Karah) that has motivated me to now join the coaching team. I am CrossFit-L1 Trained. I truly believe in Heirloom Athletic’s mission and want to somehow play a role in helping it be successful.

As your coach, I hope to bring an energy and atmosphere that encourages everyone to give their absolute best. Based on my experience, when a coach paid attention and gave me words of encouragement, but also made sure I was doing things right (and the music was LOUD), I had the best workouts. We all need a healthy push, and as your Professional Vitality Provider (Hype Man), I hope to provide your push at each and every class. I look forward to either working out with you or coaching you at our new happy place.


I am CrossFit-L1 Trained. I truly believe in Heirloom Athletic’s mission and want to somehow play a role in helping it be successful.

Casey Scott

Fitness Coach

My name is Casey, and my true passion is helping others find the best version of themselves. I’ve tried to do this through various avenues, and I have more than a few letters behind my name to show for it. That’s why my gym family deemed me the “Wizard.” After earning my medical degree in family medicine and a masters degree in public health, I’ve decided to own up to that title and become the Wellness Wizard at Heirloom Athletics.

I started doing CrossFit in late 2017 after having my second child and realizing that my entire life was devoted to work and parenting. I needed a reprieve from the day-to-day and wanted to get back to my athletic roots. With the support of my amazing husband (you’ll meet him and be smitten too, I’m sure ), I started my fitness journey right around our 5th wedding anniversary and haven’t looked back. I am CrossFit-L1 and CrossFit Kids Trained, and I’ll guide you as you achieve your fitness goals.

I’m a Cambridge native, and while I didn’t always see the allure of my quaint hometown, I’m so proud to call this place home. My husband and I met at the University of Maryland (GO TERPS! ), and after living and working in Baltimore for several years during medical school and residency, we made the pilgrimage back to Dorchester County to be near our families while we started ours. We have two young, active children, who love coming to the gym or working out at home alongside us. After being exposed to this healthy lifestyle, my 5 year old daughter said, “I’m gonna live a happy, long life.” That’s my wish for you, too.

This journey isn’t always easy. My hope for you is that we will make it fun. And sustainable. And worthwhile. And life changing. Because you deserve all of those things. And when it gets hard, we will rely on the community we’ve built to help us get through it together. Here’s to the best version of you! Let’s get started!


I am CrossFit-L1 and CrossFit Kids Trained, and I’ll guide you as you achieve your fitness goals.

Angie Hengst

Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer - Barre, Mobility & Cardio Specialist

Hey everyone! I’m Angie, and I want you to MOVE! Seriously, I don’t care what you do as long as it’s getting you up and moving your body in a way you feel good about. My fitness journey started with dance. Although I never thought of it as fitness, I just loved to dance and could do it every day for hours. That’s what I wish for you: to be doing something you love and doing so much it becomes a part of who you are. I hope you find that here at Heirloom!

A little bit more about me… I grew up in Chesapeake City, MD, and as I mentioned, I was a dancer. When I got to college (Salisbury University for Biology), I started getting into weightlifting. When I moved to Cambridge in 2003 (graduate school at Horn Point Lab), I kept up with lifting and started running. I also got back into dance and started teaching youth dance classes at the YMCA (which I continue to do along with various group fitness classes). In 2010, I got into triathlons (after some friendly peer pressure) and went on to complete in half-Ironman, Olympic, and sprint distance races. In 2017, I decided I needed something to spice up my fitness routine, so decided to give Crossfit a try. I fell in love after day 1 and haven’t looked back. Career-wise, I’ve worked at a boat yard, two research labs, and now for IRONMAN as the Race Director for Eagleman and IRONMAN Maryland. I also enjoy paddle boarding and other water-related activities.

I am CrossFit-L1 and CrossFit Kids Trained and am an Active Life RX Coach. I also hold certifications in Weightlifting and Strength Conditioning, Barre, Pilates, Spin, and Group Exercise.

When you come to class, I’ll work with you to make sure you are getting the most out of the movements and workout so that you leave feeling happier and more energized (ok, maybe a little tired) than when you came in. My goals are your goals, so let’s work on them together!


I am CrossFit-L1 and CrossFit Kids Trained and am an Active Life RX Coach. I also hold certifications in Weightlifting and Strength Conditioning, Barre, Pilates, Spin, and Group Exercise.

Chris Markin

Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer - Strength Specialist

Bios can be long and loaded with filler, so let me start with my core beliefs and how I apply them to coaching and why I believe they can help you in all aspects of your life, not just CrossFit. If you want to read the rest of my story (long and loaded with filler), you can continue or you can just say, “I like what he’s saying, let’s do this!”

I believe fitness boils down to a mindset, and that mindset will lead to not only improved fitness and health, but also to success in all aspects of everyday life. A positive mindset that is free from barriers will help you become the best and happiest version of yourself. I am under no illusion that I am some sort of magician and will wave a wand and all your troubles will disappear, and you’ll become a CrossFit Games competitor and crush life, but I can assure you that I will listen to your goals, help you find a path to achieve those goals, and be your biggest cheerleader…there’s also a good chance I’ll push you out of your comfort zone a little along the way.

Here’s some business: I am CrossFit-L1 and CrossFit Kids Trained, am a AAAI/ISMA Strength Conditioning and Weight Training Consultant, and an Active Life RX Coach.

If you’re still with me, here’s a little about me personally: I have been involved in organized sports and athletics since I could walk. My first passion was soccer, which I lettered in all four years of high school and was named to the all-state team and continued at the club level at University of Maryland. I also couldn’t get enough of basketball and track and field. I was successful in both; I was an all-star in basketball and competed in the state championships in track all four years of high school. In order to not sound like Al Bundy, I’ll leave it at that and not delve any deeper into former glory.

In my adult life, I found endurance sports. I spent years running half-marathons and all the shorter distances and competing in all distances of triathlons culminating in a full distance Ironman (140.6) and a 4.4 mile swim across the Chesapeake Bay to end my time in that sport. I found CrossFit in 2017 at the age of 38, and here we are today.

Outside of the gym, I am a Wildlife Biologist, outdoor enthusiast and family man. The latter keeps me pretty busy with two incredible kids, a loyal pup and a wife who couldn’t live without me (or so I like to think). If you want to know more about me or how we can do awesome things together, just ask…it’s way more fun to chat in person than it is to read a boring bio.


I am CrossFit-L1 and CrossFit Kids Trained, am a AAAI/ISMA Strength Conditioning and Weight Training Consultant, and an Active Life RX Coach.

Karah Bunde

Heirloom Visionary

So … let’s talk.

My name is Karah, Director of Shenanigans around here, and I like to consider coaching my side-hustle. There is nothing more that I want out of this whole Heirloom thing than to provide a path to wellness for every individual who understands that exercise, healthy daily habits, and making time to have fun with your friends is a necessary part of a long, fulfilling life.

When you choose to spend your time at Heirloom, I want it to be the best hour of your day. I believe that the strongest coaches are the ones who are always focused on helping you accomplish your personal goals while keeping you in a safe, entertaining, and supportive environment. I am passionate about finding the right balance between game and sport as we focus on becoming the best versions of ourselves in an environment surrounded by a community of people who will lift us up when we struggle.

I started CrossFit in 2014, at age 38, and through years of dedicated effort and focus within a dynamic training environment, I earned the title of Fittest Woman in Aruba 2 years in a row. I now train for general health and wellness, and so I can carry Joel (#crossfitjoel #headjudge) out of the woods if he breaks an ankle while we’re hiking on vacation somewhere. (You just never know; functional fitness at its best!)

The added perspective gained through the experience of training as a competitor compared to exercising to get better at life is, I believe, one of my greatest strengths.

I am CrossFit-L2 and CrossFit Kids trained. I also have certifications in Active Life RX, TIWL which is a person-centered approach to coaching group fitness, and Mental Health First Aid.

Also, I grew up in Maine (Go Patriots!) and went to college in Rhode Island and Switzerland. I have lived in 12 cities, 6 states, 4 countries, and on 3 islands. Cambridge, MD, is the only place we’ve lived twice! I have always been athletic – trying to keep up with my older brother and his friends, being an All-State soccer player into college, and playing in many adult leagues into my 30s. ️ I am married to one of the best human beings on the planet, and we have two rescue puppies from Aruba. They are a hot mess. It’s whatever.

Through personal experience, I understand that the best odds of maximizing your potential (in whatever you are pursuing) come when you feel confident, encouraged, and driven by a purpose. This whole deal is a lifelong journey; you only lose if you quit trying. I would be honored to be a part of your success story. We can all get better together. Let’s do this thing.

Read about how this whole Heirloom Athletics concept got started here.


I am CrossFit-L2 and CrossFit Kids trained. I also have certifications in Active Life RX, TIWL which is a person-centered approach to coaching group fitness, and Mental Health First Aid.


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