If you are looking for a place to become a part of, to be your regular, multiple-times-a-week place to go and get your sweat on with your friends, a place that will build you up every time you walk through the door and encourage you to test your physical and mental limits, then Heirloom membership is probably the right option for you. 


We believe that fitness is just one part of a full life. At Heirloom, we love to have fun whether it’s related to fitness or not. From game nights to special workouts and movie nights to activities that get us outside, we’re up for it all!!

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Come as you are to become who you were always meant to be.

Our goal for you is happiness, not elite fitness. 

We are not exercising to get better at exercising.

We are exercising to get better at life. 

We believe that daily physical activity as part of your full life and regular routine, in an environment that builds you up and inspires you to be the best version of yourself, will prepare you to tackle your biggest hopes and dreams outside of the gym. 

We are becoming better friends, spouses, parents, and children.

We are working toward a place where we feel so good about ourselves that we can’t help but then go out and do good for others and our communities.

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