How Do You Define Professional?

I am attending an event tomorrow and the invitation says the attire is “Business to Business Formal”.

I am a gym owner. If Business is sweats, is Business Formal my fancy sweats? #iykyk

But seriously, another comment made from one of the presenters of the day at the recent Affiliate Summit I attended was, “Successful gyms owners are professionals, and professionals go to work everyday. You should be in your gym during the day, like all people go to their jobs.”

And I think that is an absolute crock of sh!t. Modern technology allows people to work from almost anywhere and if I build a company foundation, that is strong enough to stand in my absence, why would I interfere with that in the spirit of “being a professional?”

Do I want to be around as much as possible and continue to develop, evolve and grow Heirloom from right on site? Absolutely! Do I want to have freedom of time to enjoy other things? Most definitely.

I want to be the professional who does both of those things simultaneously.

It actually inspired me to jot in my notes, “what is our definition of professional?”

And I have no idea, really. I kind of hate the word, it sounds elitist and exclusive.

I’m a jeans under a dress kind fancy for a cocktail party.

The chick at the holiday party with her dress up Hey Dudes on.

The one newly insulted when people ask what “dress” I’m wearing to, well anything. Why’s it gotta be a dress? I’m big into Language Really Matters right now, clearly.

I’ve given up on the idea that what I wear tells anyone anything about me beyond my sense of style and fashion, which is still quite up for debate, among my internal family system, let’s say. Shout out to anyone else in therapy.

I’ve come up with a few thoughts on the kind of professional I support pursuing:

  • work that is meaningful to us
  • relationships that are nourishing to our soul
  • discovering how we really want to show up in the world
  • being more curious and less judgmental about how others want to show up in the world

At Heirloom, we work hard every day to invite people from all backgrounds, skills and abilities to come together in our group class setting and get in a little physical activity, friendly comradery and positive reinforcement in sustaining those pesky nutrition, sleep and recovery habits that are so easy to break when we work at them alone.

Reach out today to learn more! You are welcome to wear whatever you like.

Find out about Membership, our Class Schedule and Pricing!

Ready to try out a class? AWESOME, let us know when you’re coming here.

See you in class,

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