Do Less, But Better

Thank you to everyone who has reached out in response to my previous post. There is true community in shared experience.

Today is one of those days where the mind is chattering about not doing enough. We leave for vacation in about 36 hours. The dogs know something is up because the suitcases are out, so anxiety levels are high. And there is never a lack for things to do.

The sealer came for the Heirloom Kitchen counter so I really want that to be ready to seal, but no amount of me wanting it, will actually make it be. Rushing the process is just going to leave me with a sloppy result.

So, I take a deep breath, grab a fresh sheet of 240 grit sand paper and keep at the counter. This time deciding to slow down and enjoy the process. It won’t be ready to seal until we get back from vacation, which is a bummer, but not really a big deal either.

It’s like, in Heirloom, when we encourage you to do those terribly slow warm up reps of the complex movements. These new movements and ranges of motion can be a lot for the body to process all in a split second.

It is an act of kindness to your body to slow it down, feel each position, and give your body the chance to adapt and grow. You are the only steward your body has. Your body can not rely on anyone else.

Take a few deep breaths and give yourself the time in the moment to do it well. Repeated over time to varying degrees, is just the right amount of progress.

For anyone needing to hear this today: it often feels in the moment that we are not moving fast enough. WHEN THAT HAPPENS, SLOW DOWN. What is the next one thing that gets you closer to where you want to be? Take some deep breaths and do just that one thing in peace.

Love you.

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