What if we just looked at each other as people?

I wouldn’t call this a novel thought.

But, where the impact lies in this reminder is in the act of actually thinking about this with every human we encounter.

And I feel like you’re probably thinking, “Seriously, how can we not look at each other as people?! What else are we? Of course we’re people.” *Insert eye-roll here.*

He’s not the guy who comes to class and keeps to himself and picks the spot in the corner every time.

He’s a person.

She’s not the one, that one, who always has an excuse for why she missed class or any commitment, really.

She’s a person.

We’re not lawyers and nurses and farmers; we are people.

We are people. With our own people lives. And our own human responses to the situations we are faced with.

Remarkably, the Heirloom Community has gotten stronger since we had to close our doors only two weeks after our grand opening.

Yes, stronger. More engaged, more communicative. More fun!

We have all just shown up where we are, when we can, offering what we have. And we are also hopefully receiving what we need.

Where one person shares a picture of their workout set-up to win points for a challenge, another finds inspiration in seeing that, and in turn completes a workout that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Where we have all focused less on ensuring that we maintain a specific class schedule, we have inquired and adjusted to the evolving needs of our community as it transitions online.

It is not about what you did for a workout, it is that you did a workout.

We are using this opportunity to just be people. Be it through a veil called the internet, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is working.

We are encouraging everyone to take it all in stride and lean on us for support. We are focusing on keeping fitness in perspective to the bigger picture that is COVID-19, and #justkeepmoving.

We are leaning into ideas that take us out of our comfort zone, but these ideas also connect us more with the local Cambridge community.

We are following our mission.

And it is guiding us in the right direction, even in these most trying times.

To the Heirloom Community! You are incredible people. Each and every one of you. We could not be any more proud of the positive example that you set every day for the people you love as well as the people you don’t even know.

Thank you.

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