Where to Find Free Workout Ideas Online

Today we’re focusing on where to find free online great workout and movement ideas.  

Whether you exercise regularly at home, or just need to know suggestions for hotel gym workouts, or that random Tuesday you find yourself stuck at home but ready to sweat, this is where I would start:

Fit Mid Life – With one click you get a workout that requires no equipment and a preset clock.  Just click start on their site and get to work. Simple and effective.

Daily Workout Programming – This Instagram account posts one workout about 5 days a week.  They post on a “2 days of workouts followed by 1 day of rest” schedule.  And you can scroll back as far as you want to select from all of their workouts.  Try not to procrasti-scroll, it’s totally a thing–when you just keep checking out all of the workouts but never actually get around to doing one. Lol

Street Parking, Go Far Fitness, Icon Athlete – These 3 Instagram accounts sell access to their daily workouts, but they also regularly share complete workout ideas absolutely free.  You will just need to scroll through the feed a bit to find a workout post; I think they all post about 1 free workout a week. But the in-between stuff is pretty good, too, so don’t scroll too fast.  🙂 And even though many of these workouts are posted with the thought that you have access to a gym or gym equipment, if that isn’t the case for you, get creative with things around your house.  

And, if you have any questions about ways to customize workouts based on what you have access to, just leave a comment below; I’m happy to help where I can.

And and (It’s like the totally-not-grammatically-correct-2nd-cousin to PPS), if you have any specific topics you want suggestions for free online resources, hit me up, I like the interwebz and follow some pretty random stuff, so who knows what I might introduce you to.  One never knows for sure.

 Until next time, have a great day!  And if you know of anyone who needs some simple workout ideas, please feel free to forward this along; it would actually be totally awesome if you did.

Enjoy your day!


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