Heirloom Athletics is proud to introduce KidFit!

This new program is specially-formatted for home-schoolers.

KidFit offers an active environment with no judgement where participants can challenge themselves under the supervision of certified coaches while learning to embrace the love and importance of physical activity, all while making new friends and having a great time!

The importance of proper, functional physical activity has been proven to benefit both the body and the mind, especially in children as they grow and develop.

Heirloom Athletics has been the spearhead of the Dorchester County pediatric THRIVE program. THRIVE stands for Tenacious, Hardworking, Resilient, Independent, Vigorous and Empowered. These elements will also be included in the KidFit program along with age-appropriate, anti-bullying education.

Our 6-week sessions will begin on April 5th and run as follows:

1-1:30pm, 4-7 yo

1:45-2:15, 8-12 yo

There is a class limit of 12 children per age group/class, so be sure to sign your child(ren) up soon!

$75 per child

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  1. Thank you for your interest in KidFit at Heirloom! We do not require that guardians stay on property, but we do request that you not leave the downtown district. Please use this time to walk around the block, enjoy some quiet time in your car or run some necessary errands in town. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out, That email comes directly to me, Karah Bunde.

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