Barbell Club 2.0

Heirloom Barbell Club 2.0 is sold out!  Thank you to everyone who signed up!

Focus: Muscle Endurance and Body Composition

Join us for a new cycle of Heirloom Barbell Club starting November 10th through December 19th.
One major change: it will consist of 2, one-hour sessions each week.

For this session, we will be working to build muscular endurance and muscle aesthetics. Our focus will be on volume and intensity at lower weights.*
As always, our focus will be on form and technique over load.

· 6-week program (12 sessions)

· 2 days/week – Wednesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 10am

· Approximately 1 hour/session

*We will not be focusing on a 1 rep max lift, nor will we be focusing on the “Power Three” (i.e. bench press, back squat and deadlift) for this session.
Instead, the lifts will change session to session and possibly week to week. We’ll be using barbells and dumbbells. Most lifts will be standard compound lifts like bench press, back squats, etc. with some bodybuilding lifts (like bicep curls and tricep extensions) thrown in as well. There will not be any olympic lifts.

Hourly Schedule

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