Why is Joining a Gym SO Hard?

I mean, if you’re a guy, you’re supposed to at least be stronger than all of the girls, right?

And, if you’re a girl, you’re supposed to look cute while figuring out how to snatch a barbell. Whatever that means.

Heirloom Athletics owner, Karah Bunde, forgetting to try to look cute while snatching. 🙂

Any chance these are similar to your preconceived notions about what others’ expectations are going to be of you? No matter how adamant we are about providing a risk and judgement-free space?

Maybe you’ve never been athletic, or you think people think you’re fitter than you are, and you don’t want to prove them wrong.

Whatever that specific internal dialogue is for you, I have a thought:

I think these thoughts are less about what others think of us, and more about what we think of ourselves.

I think we have the power to stop thinking these thoughts.

We can choose to just be ready to make a change.

Where we are right now.

Maybe we’re overworked or uninspired and unmotivated.

That’s fine.

Just own it.

Don’t try to convince yourself that your insecurities are about other people.

Our insecurities are always about ourselves.


And through self-awareness and a willingness to let ourselves change our minds and expand our comfort zones, we can continue to evolve into more of who we were always meant to be.

Ideally, surrounded by people in the same pursuit.

Maybe it’s a new job opportunity or a new skill you want to learn … or joining the gym.

Take a second to really think through your specific thoughts that talk you out of it the next time they come up; maybe it’s time to change your mind?


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