We Are Heirloom

I just want to make one clear statement regarding Greg Glassman, the sole owner and current CEO of CrossFit, Inc.

He does not personally impact either the day-to-day life or the overall mission of Heirloom Athletics.

He has recently made news with this tweet and the sharing of this email reply.

Heirloom does NOT stand in support of either of those messages.

This is what I know for sure!

  • A willingness to have hard conversations with people who have different views than ourselves about topics that are hurtful is a necessary part of both growth and connection, our two core values.
  • Heirloom is committed to being a productive part of uniting our community.
  • I will, at some point, say the wrong thing and ask the wrong question and sound insensitive and closed-minded.
  • If we ever want to see real change, it will require grace from all sides and forgiveness from everyone. Repeatedly.
  • It will be hard.
  • It is worth it.

At Heirloom, we exist to help us all pursue the best versions of ourselves while we are on our lifelong paths to wellness.

Greg Glassman may have started CrossFit, and CrossFit may be one part of what we are doing here, but the words and actions of one insensitive man do not alter our mission in any way.

We are more than CrossFit and CrossFit is more than Greg.

We are Heirloom.

Please, please, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out personally to discuss any of these important topics with us further.

PS. We aren’t due to renew our affiliation with CrossFit until December and whether we do or not will be directly impacted by the actions of CrossFit HQ between now and then.

PPS. There is no deadline on our commitment to supporting equality.

2 thoughts on “We Are Heirloom”

  1. Great post! Thank you for your continued commitment to helping us all improve our health, physical, mental, and emotional and build our community! We are Heirloom! ❤️

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