Our Logo. Our Tagline. Our Intent.

Shout out to Mid Shore Graphics for turning our logo visions into a reality. We are smitten.
It’s a wild thing to think about, putting one image as the singular face for a multifaceted dream. It is also a wild thing to think about, that this multifaceted dream is turning into its very own reality in front of all of our eyes. There is no amount of planning that truly prepares us for these kinds of things, and to have this all come to life, with you a part of it, is a lifetime highlight for sure.
This logo actually does a great job of wrapping all that up in one neat package.

HEIRLOOM – a valuable item passed down from generation to generation.

What if we all started looking at our healthy habits and daily routines as these valuable items we are passing to the next generation? Because that is what is happening anyway. Our children are watching and learning, not by what we say, but by what we do.

Are we showing them that through a lifetime (the infinity symbol) of consistent effort of putting in 45 minutes a day, 4-6 times a week, of physical activity is an integral part of our happy life?
Are we modeling that we can get right back on track after we lose our way?

This is represented by both the arrows and the compass. We believe that we should all ultimately be guided by our own inner compass. Always in search of our personal north star. Are you clear on where you are trying to go? If not, how can we help you find clarity?

And the arrows going counter-clockwise represent that even when we take a few steps in the wrong direction, we are only one decision away from getting right back on track! And our track might not look like your track, and that is perfectly OK. Because, as it turns out, my brother’s and my BFF’s tracks head in a clockwise direction. I know this because serious discussion was had about these arrows going in the wrong direction. lol
A Sustainable, Homegrown Wellness Revolution.
That’s pretty audacious if you ask me. Where our objective is humongous, our implementation is in the tiniest of moments. The conversations we share about our hopes and dreams. About our highs and lows. About the little things that really matter to each and to every one of us. The moments in class where we bear witness to you accomplishing something you never thought possible. The non-fitness group gatherings that connect people around a common interest on a level impossible to describe. It is the one better decision.

Every Revolution starts with a small group of people willing to stand up for what they believe, and we couldn’t be more excited to be rallying together with you.
Cambridge, MD
We just wouldn’t want to be doing this anywhere else. We believe in Cambridge. We also believe that the better we all feel about ourselves, the more good we will then go out and do in the world.

Our intention is to provide the space in downtown Cambridge where we gather to grow and connect with people who lift us up and inspire us to be better. The pursuit of betterment for ourselves will translate into betterment for the community. We know it to our core. And we really hope you join us.
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6 thoughts on “Our Logo. Our Tagline. Our Intent.”

  1. I love the logo-read all about it-I also read all the bios of all the coaches-didnt know everyone was soooo interesting-haha!! just kidding-but really, I found all the bios very interesting and inspiring-read every word.. my husband Damien and I were chuckling when he said so you’re going to join “heir loo mathletics?” -well, guess you had to be here!

    Anyway, I am just stunned at all the energy and passion and downright hard work going into this whole entire gym thing. Karah you are blowin my mind with keeping us in touch on so many issues, subjects and drawing us in with your love and passion for movement and…us!!

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