In Spite Of The Fear, Not Without It

It sounds cliche, I know, but these are unprecedented times.

We have no previous experience with something like this.

What an opportunity for us to be who were always meant to be.

Everything is so uncertain, and we are all literally just figuring it out as we go. What better time than now to just lean into what you truly believe?

This theory has smacked me in the face a couple of times in the last few days. And the way it presents itself to me is through fear.

Please let me explain.

At Heirloom, we have started a new program called Spring into Healthy Habits, which we always intended to share with our members for free. But in light of recent events, we not only moved up the roll-out date, but we also thought it could benefit the entire community, and so we are also sharing it on the public Heirloom Athletics social media channels.

I believe in this program and the message and the intent and the people we’re doing it with 100%. But, wouldn’t you know it, when it came time to actually post the video of us sitting around talking about drinking water, I felt fear.

What will people think? This is stupid. No one cares.

It took me all day to work through that fear. And it took a long chat with a good friend to reiterate what I already knew:

It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter what people think because WE believe in it. We know it has value, and we hope nothing more than someone out there sees something we post and is inspired to be better.

We have no idea when, or even if, that is going to happen. We do it because of the potential of that happening, not because there is any sort of guarantee that it will.

We believe you attract what you put out, so if what we put out isn’t of value to you, it’s no big deal; we just run in different circles. And that’s cool.

But, we’ve decided that fear is not a valid excuse for not pursuing our dreams. And that the people who are out there doing things that seem scary to you, please know that they are not doing them without fear; they are doing them in spite of the fear.

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