Running into 2023: Running Endurance

Running Endurance:
Sundays at 1pm, a 1-hour class that involves distance training to improve your endurance capacity. Endurance is your body’s physical capability to sustain an exercise for an extended period. So, by increasing your endurance capacity, you will be able to do work for longer periods of time.
There will be an 8-week, 6-week, and 4-week session.
There is also an aerobic capacity session on Wednesday evenings. The added benefit of both classes is working out in a group. We all know that we will work harder and/or do more when in a group rather than by ourselves. Of all the benefits these classes offer, the group setting is the greatest. It’s why we are members of Heirloom in the first place.
Both classes are scheduled to end the first week of May. Why? May 14th is the Crab Run which offers a 5k, May 20th is the Savage Run (obstacle course event) and May 27th is Murph. We know that planning is brilliant, right? Spend your spring with Coach Sean and rock your goals in May.
Members can sign up for either class or both. For maximum results, both classes are strongly encouraged but we also know not everyone’s schedule allows for that. It’s also why we are offering different lengths of participation (4 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks). Again, 8 weeks would be ideal but pick what works best for you.
Here is the breakdown:
8-Week Wednesday Interval: Wednesdays at 6pm, March 8-May 3rd; no class on April 12th
8-Week Sunday Endurance: Sundays at 1pm, March 12th-May 7th; no class April 9th
6-Week Wed Interval: Wednesdays at 6pm March 22-May 3rd; no class on April 12th
6-Week Sun Endurance: Sundays at 1pm, March 26-May 7th; no class April 9th
4-Week Wed Interval: Wednesdays at 6pm April 5th-May 3rd; no class on April 12th
4-Week Sunday Endurance: Sundays at 1pm, April 16th-May 7th
Pricing for Members/Non-Members:
8 weeks Wednesdays: $100/$120
8 weeks Sundays: $100/$120
8 weeks Both: $160/$200
6 weeks Wednesdays: $75/$90
6 weeks Sundays: $75/$90
6 weeks Both: $125/$155
4 weeks Wednesdays: $50/$60
4 weeks Sundays: $50/$60
4 weeks Both: $90/$100
Class Registration:
To reserve your spot in either/both classes, sign up here:

and click the button in the running section that will take you to our online sales portal.
May Event Registration:
If the Crab Run or the Savage Race is your goal, we would encourage you to sign up sooner rather than later as registration costs increase as we get closer to the event.