Beginner Gymnastics Class

Sunday, January 10th, 2021
10.30am – 12.30pm
This class is sold out!
*Prerequisites for the intermediate class are one strict push-up and one strict pull-up. (super-close counts.)
$35 members / $50 non-members
Gymnastics movements are technically any bodyweight movement.
This class will focus on teaching you the proper body positioning and awareness as well as appropriate muscle engagement throughout a variety of movements ranging from beginner to advanced.
The movements we will focus on are: ring rows/strict pull ups, kipping pull ups, toes to bar with progressions, dips/bar muscle ups, handstands: push ups, holds, walking.
While you may notice there are some advanced skills in here, the class will focus on the fundamentals and only progress through movements as we have participants in the class interested in developing those skills.
This class will be led by guest coach Jena who is a physical education teacher here on the Eastern Shore and has a history of gymnastics, competing when she was 2-14 years old.
Jena has been CrossFitting since June of 2012 and has coached CrossFit since February 2013.
To reserve your spot, sign up via the following link:…/1FAIpQLSdfJKAqt4UUbG…/viewform
For any questions, please contact us at