Our next 8-week Barre session starts Wednesday March 31st!
Barre is a mix of traditional ballet and pilates and is led by Coach Angie.
You should sign up for Barre if:
You love a low intensity workout every now and again. (Please note: low intensity in no way means easy. 😁)
You are looking for something a little extra to add into your regular class routine. 💪
You have taken a little hiatus from exercise (#thankscorona) and are looking for a good place to jump back into it.
You have a nagging injury, ache or pain, and this is just a perfect time for self-care.
Barre is perfect for isolating all those little muscles that often get overpowered by our major muscle groups when we workout.
And gentlemen, if you think this a ladies class, learn why professional football players often take ballet classes in this 99 second video:
The cost is $50 members/$100 non-members/$80 returning non-members.
There is a 14 person class limit!
To sign up, contact us at