Barbell Club

Our 1st ever Heirloom Barbell Club starts Sunday, November 8th at 10.30am!!
**All spots are filled!!**
Join Coach Chris for seven 90 minute lifting sessions Sunday mornings, 10.30am to Noon. Learn the fundamentals of powerlifting in a safe, supportive environment while following a 6 week progression intended to build pure strength.
The seventh, and last, class will be a retest of our 1 rep maxes for the bench press, deadlift and back squat. Current participants range in age from 16 to 64 years old and this class is designed for both beginner and experienced lifters.
This session will run for 7 consecutive Sundays starting on November 8th through Sunday, December 20th. Enjoy all of your new strength and power throughout your holiday celebrations in those last couple weeks of this tumultuous year.
We are offering complete session pricing only for this class. Individual class drop ins are not available.
SEVEN Session Lifting Class
90 minute class length
Sundays – November 8th – December 20th
$70 Heirloom members / $140 non-members
Email or text 443.205.3385 for more information or to inquire about future classes.