Barbell Club

Join us for a new cycle beginning Sunday, January 8 and concluding February 5. Classes will start at 10am and last approximately 1.5 hrs.
There will be one coached session per week with an additional mid-week workout for you to do on your own if you choose (you should).
Also, a sixth week’s worth of workouts will be included for you to complete for a de-load week after the conclusion of the last session. Follow all of this with a rest week, and you’ll be primed for the start of the CrossFit Open.
This cycle will be full-body training utilizing volume training through a number of main lifts and some accessory work. Our focus will be to increase muscular endurance and full body aesthetics, plus you’ll get some strength gains. Working in mid-range weight levels will keep our bodies feeling good with nothing “heavy” (of course it’s all relative) to tax our systems too much. Your perceived effort will be high, and the gains will come in both your ability to move weight at high volume and intensity, all the while feeling stronger and moving better.
This session includes:
 5-week coached program (plus an additional de-load week’s worth of workouts)
 1 day/week coached session – Sundays at 10am (5 total coached sessions)
 Approximately 1.5 hour/session
 Mid-week workouts to do on your own (4 total)
Cost: $100 for members/$150 for non-members.
To reserve your spot, contact us at: