Join us in a sustainable, homegrown wellness revolution. Venmo us $1 with “OG” in the comment as your commitment to join when we open for membership in March. We will take it from there to get you signed up and ready to hit the ground running, or squatting, or pressing … all of those things. 🙂

Are you an Heirloom OG?

Our goal with Heirloom Athletics is to offer the community a sustainable, homegrown approach to overall wellness by uniting people around the belief that the values of growth and connection are essential in the pursuit of a fulfilling and purposeful life.

We exist to help you live to your fullest potential.

And we would love your help in this pursuit.

Please join us in molding Heirloom Athletics into what it NEEDS to be in order to support the community to its maximum potential.

Anyone who joins between now and opening day will forever be an Heirloom OG.  What is an OG you ask, Mom? 🙂 It’s slang for, “Original Gangsta.” Or gangster. Carole, either one works.  🙂  

My moms weren’t familiar with the term.  And maybe you aren’t either. The important point here is that we are starting the nicest, most supportive, motivating, encouraging, and loving gang you have ever heard of, and I want you to be a part of it from the very beginning with us.

Our A-Ones from day one.  

The fuel that helps get this fire started.  

The heartbeat of this living organism.

What does being an Heirloom OG mean for you?

  • Bragging rights!  This status will never be offered again.  How often do we get the opportunity to get in on something at ground level, from the very first minute, even before the very first minute?  There is a special bond that lives for a lifetime among those of us who share unique experiences. We want to build that bond with you!
  • Pricing grandfathered in for LIFE!  That’s right. No matter how high we may end up raising our prices, the price you sign up to pay today is the price you will pay for the lifetime of your continuous membership.  Inflation be damned.
  • Discounted OG pricing on all Heirloom hosted* events and classes for the lifetime of your continuous membership.

*So, we want to play host to a wide variety of gatherings and events.  Team Heirloom will coordinate and organize as many as we can that fall within our realm of capability.  We will also be partnering with other people and businesses for certain events, and pricing for those events will be determined on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with the partnering people. We will always do everything we can to secure the best possible OG pricing.  Promise.

  • FREE OG Swag!!  Heirloom OG t-shirt or blender bottle, maybe.  We’re imagining all kinds of fun things we can brag about your OG status on, and we are putting together Heirloom OG swag bags. A compilation of things we love that inspire, motivate, and entertain. You know, it’s like an “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episode if Oprah was a girl trying to start a small business and didn’t have every major company in the world sending her free stuff.  Just like that.
  • Be the FIRST to watch a vlog series I started in September 2019 to document the process of becoming Heirloom Athletics, from before it was even a thing, and I called it Heirloom Cooperative.  Witness as it all unfolds. You guys, it’s raw emotion, no makeup-type stuff. Because we’re friends like that now.
  • An in-real-time behind the scenes look at our upcoming Asia vacation on our members-only social media page.  You’re probably saying, “Whaaaaat?!?” And this might not seem like much, but I know that many people will never have the opportunity (or desire, honestly) to literally travel to the other side of the world.  We love to travel and we tend to travel, well, not like anyone else we know. It’s very “Hyatt luxury meets bunking in a dorm room at a hostel.” It’s mostly fly by the seat of our pants with a few scheduled stops built in to guide our path.  It’s always amazing, at least for us, so it would be an honor to share it with you. The general itinerary right now is Tokyo, Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.
  • My favorite:  the opportunity to be in the room where it happens.  A Hamilton reference for anyone who might not know.  But it’s what we all really want. To be in that place.  With those people. Doing THE thing. You know, the thing that makes us feel alive, like we are pursuing something bigger than ourselves with people who inspire us to want to be better so we can then make things better for the people we love and the community where we call home.  This is what it’s all about.  And Heirloom is #theroomwherefithappens.

Are you ready to join the revolution?  (Because there can never be too many Hamilton references.)

This is not a moment, it’s THE movement.  (See?)

All you need to do today is send $1 to Heirloom Athletics on Venmo with “OG” in the description as your commitment to join when we open in March!

From there, we’ll get you signed up and ready to rock and roll when we open for membership in March. If you are new to this type of training, that means we’ll schedule a FREE introduction class with you to review our foundational movements. We’ll even do a free intro class with you as a movement review even if you have done CrossFit before; it would be our pleasure!

If you want to review class times and pricing first, you can do that here.

And, thank you!  Thank you, thank you!  This has been the most magical journey, and we wouldn’t want to be sharing it with anyone other than you.  YOU are the exact reason why we are doing this. I don’t know much, but I do know that WE are better together.  

And don’t worry if membership is not right for you, we get that it won’t be for everyone.  We will have drop-in and punch card rates for those of you looking to add us into your routine every now and again.  We love that option, too! You can find those details here!